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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Resources

With its prevalence reaching up to 11% globally, ADHD is a condition that is commonly associated with concussions, eating disorders, trauma/PTSD, and is reportedly more prevalent among athletes. Discover comprehensive programs, evidence-based treatments, and valuable support systems aimed at addressing ADHD and its related challenges.

"The best way to think about ADHD is not as a mental disorder but as a collection of traits and tendencies that define a way of being in the world." ` Dr. Edward Hallowell


Resting Athlete


Why is ADHD more common among athletes?

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Head in Hands


How concussions affect ADHD

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Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders & ADHD

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Hand in Darkness


The connection between ADHD & trauma-stress/PTSD

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Determining the origins of your ADHD helps direct effective management

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Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine

"Difficulty concentrating, inattentiveness, and impulsivity can be presenting symptoms of several other psychological conditions, including..."
- D. Narducci 
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