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Unlock the potential of mental fitness in sports and revolutionize the health landscape for athletes. Embrace the journey towards optimal mental well-being and pave the way for a paradigm shift in the realms of sport. Embark on your transformative mental fitness journey today!

Why are athletes at risk of mental health illness?

Mental illness affects people worldwide, independent of age or background. The likelihood of developing mental illness is influenced by genetic factors, surroundings, and social circumstances. Factors such as a competitive environment, demanding lifestyle expectations, societal stigma, and prevalent personality traits like perfectionism contribute to heightened vulnerability among athletes.

Athlete Resources

 Dear Athletes, Coaches, ATCs, Families & Friends of Athletes,

Neglected mental health issues can have severe consequences, adversely impacting one's quality of life, hindering academic and professional pursuits, fostering substance misuse and criminal involvement, promoting self-harm, eating disorders, and even leading to suicide. Seeking timely and suitable treatment is paramount, as it serves as a crucial preventive measure against such repercussions, benefiting individuals, their loved ones, and society as a whole.

In light of recent findings, it has become evident that athletes face a greater likelihood of grappling with mental health challenges compared to the general population. Unfortunately, the availability of suitable medical resources for this vulnerable group remains insufficient and inadequate. Studies indicate that athletes are particularly susceptible to traumatic stress disorders, which can be triggered or unveiled by experiences of physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or neglect. Consequently, mental health concerns such as suicidality, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, violence, and substance use/abuse may emerge or intensify. Addressing these issues through comprehensive and tailored support is paramount in safeguarding the wellbeing and performance of athletes.

When an athlete encounters a sports injury, they must confront a multitude of physical and psychological obstacles. Beyond the potential termination of their athletic career, a physical injury can inflict lasting traumatic psychological disorders. However, the realm of identifying and treating mental illness in athletes remains insufficiently explored. In light of the growing demand for mental health support tailored to athletes, few physicians possess the necessary expertise to offer regular, consistent, and comprehensive care. Regrettably, even in scenarios where universities or elite sports organizations are involved, athletes with mental illnesses frequently encounter barriers to accessing the treatment they require, due to financial limitations and inadequate provisions.

Dr. Dusty

Rewarding success starts from nurturing your mental fitness

Train with intent, efficiency, &  logic 

Listen & respond to your bodies needs & capabilities

Practice healthy nutrition, training, & rest behaviors

Develop self-compassion, confidence

Strengthen your mental focus 

Find purpose outside of your sport/athletic identity

Enhance your athletic performance

Become more authenticity, self- assurance & adaptability 

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