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Eating & Exercise Psychopathology from the Perspective of a Primary Care Sports Medicine Certified Eating Disorder Physician

Indeed exercise & nutrition are essential to prevent/treat chronic illnesses & to enhance athletic performance, but some athletes can got to extremes. Unsafe activity & inadequate nourishment has severe physical & psychological consequences. The use of athlete-specific terminologies by sports & exercise clinicians may unintentionally misdiagnosis & create acceptance of dysfunctional exercise and eating behaviors.


Increased muscle mass & socially accepted dangerous behaviors are just two examples of that make eating & exercise disorders easy to overlook in the athletic population. Understanding the complicated incentives steering athletes towards pathological eating and exercise, identifying the cause of low energy availability, & mastering how these behaviors are intertwined & other psychiatric disorders is essential to provide appropriate, comprehensive, & successful care.

Through empathy, science, & personal experience my approach to recovery embraces your athletic identity, promotes continued participation in sport, & prepares you for a more prosperous future.

"I've lived it, studied it, & now guide others through it"



                                                                                            Doctor Dusty

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Resources for Athletes with Eating & Exercise Psychopathology

Below is a list of resources for Athletes with Eating & Exercise Psychopathology.  I have no disclosures to report with  any of the below listed resources. I only choose to provide options so athletes from various backgrounds & with various needs are able to seek care. Although I provide medical services for athletes I often collaborate with other clinicians, treatment programs, etc in order to provide appropriate, effective care.

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