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Hello Athlete!

Because sport culture naturally rewards competitiveness, resilience, & perfection, your emotional and physical well-being is at risk. Embracing your athletic identity while still allowing time for rest, relationships, fun, recovery & other interests allows you to have a long, prosperous athletic career.

Since stress is how the mind & body respond to any demand, it is critical that you develop skills to healthfully manage sport & non-sport related stress. By no means is all stress a bad thing, as it helps you prepare, concentrate, and perform at your optimal level, but too much stress can be detrimental to your health and negatively impact athletic performance.

Begin your mental fitness journey by enhancing your cognitive & emotional athleticism!

Innovative Mental Health for Athletes

Athletes train their bodies at the highest level using the most innovative & effective modalities, why treat your mind any differently? Below are some of my favorite evidence-based, effective mental health therapies.

Effective Tools to Enhance Cognitive & Emotional Athleticism

An injury is just one example of a traumatic life event that causes severe physical and psychological consequences for athletes. Even after you heal, the experience can wreck havoc on your confidence, mood, sleep, & performance.  It is critical that specific psychotherapies designed to treat trauma stress-related disorders are available to you to allow a successful, healthy return to sport.


The most common treatment used for trauma-stress disorders in athletic medicine is lagging behind science. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT therapy), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy are indeed useful but symptom resolution is a lengthy & agonizing process. As an athlete, you don't have time for this & why I encourage you to consider  Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), Recent-Traumatic Episode Protocol (R-TEP)  & Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)  have been indicated as the most effective and efficient psychotherapy for trauma-stress disorders, can enhance athletic performance & created a mental outlook that allows athletes to always feel & do their best.  Sometimes supplements & medications are great adjuncts for treating mental wellness but I believe in empowered medical care & the patient-physician decision making model.


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