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Blind Scales

The use of blind scales/vital monitoring systems can be helpful in the management of eating disorders. As clients become comfortable using these technologies with the guidance of an eating disorder clinician is a groundbreaking solution combining privacy, comfort, empowerment, and innovation in eating disorder recovery.

Below are some options to consider for purchase. If you are a client of mine I have a clinician subscription with the companies listed below. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you should have questions/concerns.

Blind Weight™ presents a subscription-FREE Patent Pending Numberless scale tailored for Eating Disorder Recovery.

How Blind Weight™ Works?

Blind Weight™ operates on a revolutionary patent-pending coding concept that ingeniously transforms the scale display into lettered error codes, along with a dash of magic, to cleverly obscure the user's actual weight. This innovation generates a unique 3-4 letter code, embedding the user's weigh-in measurements data. This personalized code can be discreetly shared with anyone the user chooses to confide in.

Cost: $44.95

MyClearStep was founded in 2020 by CEO Nati Lavi, identifying a clear gap in quality of virtual care for eating disorder recovery. With his extensive history in data and innovation, he recognized the traditional method of capturing blind weights was outdated, stressful, time consuming, and expensive for both clients and clinicians.


Scale $99

Scale + Blood Pressure Monitor: $174

Membership: $6.99/month or $299 lifetime

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