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Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol(RTEP): Take Advantage of Injuries

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

An Injury Is Not Just A Process of Recovery It Is A Process of Discovery ~ Conor McGregor

If you’ve experienced a recent stressful life event, such as a sports injury, motor vehicle accident, violence, sexual assault, divorce, loss of a loved-one, etc a specialized EMDR Therapy protocol called RTEP (Recent Traumatic Episode Protocol) can help return. The protocol helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, loss of confidence, fear, body sensations (e.g. heart racing, sweating, tremors, headaches), sleep alterations (e.g. nightmares, insomnia), intrusive thoughts, and flashbacks. Although you may not be directly disturbed by the recent event, subconsciously your experience is likely causing your symptoms. Through the use of RTEP aspects of the event rather than an individual' s past as a whole are contained and reprocessed allowing healthy coping strategies.

RTEP should begin immediately following the event, ideally within 90 days because the sooner RTEP is completed the less likely you are to develop PTSD. Even if you are not experiencing trauma symptoms from an injury or other event I strongly suggest considering RTEP because symptoms are often delayed for weeks, months, or even years. If it has been more than 90 days since the event there are many options to help alleviate your symptoms and give you a better future, such as standard EMDR Therapy.

Athletes and all individuals need to return to life/sport quickly. Fortunately RTEP can rapidly decrease or cease symptoms in as little as one to three hours which can be done in one or multiple therapy visits. If you have an extensive past history of trauma RTEP may take longer as EMDR would be recommended. Another cool part of RTEP and EMDR is that you don't have to share any information during therapy, yes I am serious!

I have endless examples of how EMDR and RTEP have helped and saved the lives of my clients, please consider RTEP to help you return to the life and/or athletic career in a safe, quick, and efficient manner. Contact me for more information.

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